Entry #10

New Video.

2011-03-29 03:21:04 by BaustonFilms

Its been a while.
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2011-03-29 19:27:10

Haha nice vid and sucks that the police video got blammed

BaustonFilms responds:

Ha ha, it didn't actually get blammed, I took it down for some adjustments, I know I shouldn't, but I figured what the hell. Ill upload it later on. Thanks for the comment!


2011-03-29 21:46:43

Enjoyed that quite a bit. Keep em coming!


2011-07-21 20:42:49

Hey, remember those old Claymations you threw up on Newgrounds and deleted? I was thinking we might actually be able to make a bit of dough with that. If you're up for it, upload all of the SWF's up onto the dumping grounds on your Newgrounds account and I'll register the ads.

What do you say?